The Golden Ghouls 1

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The Golden Ghouls by Ward Parker

The Golden Ghouls 1

Taking the paranormal mystery from cozy to crazy.

My name is Missy Mindle. I’m a witch in my forties stuck in a dead-end job. What else would you call being a home-health nurse for ancient vampires? So, when a mysterious organization offers a huge grant to an occult shop where I work part time, I decide to change my career path.

But the grant comes with strings attached. My business partner Luisa and I must catalog and monitor all the monsters living in our Florida community. “Monsters” include supernatural entities, mythical beasts, and every scary, creepy being that shouldn’t exist and wants to eat you.

We’re even obliged to work as amateur detectives to help innocent monsters who get in trouble, while keeping their existence secret. My cute newspaper reporter friend helps with the investigations. So do my resident ghost and my witch’s familiar who happens to be an iguana.

Which brings me to the three sweet, elderly sisters who live on my street. When a delivery driver leaves not just a package in their front yard, but also his leg, the sisters are suspected of murder.

Are they guilty? One thing I know: they’re secretly ghouls who shift into human form. This murder has “ghoul” written all over it, and I must find out if they did it. Add into the mix a sinister monster-slaying cult that I encounter at a Renaissance festival, and I’m up to my eyeballs in danger.

Enjoy silly and dark humor, mixed with murder and magic, in these clean but warped paranormal mysteries set in the same world as the Freaky Florida paranormal series.

WARNING: If you are offended by ghouls who eat people (offstage with no gore), werewolves who aren’t sexy, or iguanas who smoke, prepare to be offended.

Genre: Horror
#Comedy #Ghosts