Skin Flicks

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Skin Flicks by Duncan Ralston

Skin Flicks

A Brand-New Extreme Horror Collection From the Twisted Mind That Brought You WOOM.

In Skin, former Golden Era-porn star Larry Walker gets a shot at the role of a lifetime… only to discover it may be his final role ever. The dark side of the porn industry has bred a monster with a penchant for recreating “classic” scenes. And Larry isn’t the first actor The Doll has kidnapped to make his twisted “film.”

Old friends reconnect over a dead body and a peculiar infection in “Bait,” one that makes Alexa crave sex with strangers which usually ends fatally for her partners. The trouble is, Brook’s had a secret crush on Alexa since grade school, but will she be willing to do anything to help her friend?

“Peg” isn’t a exactly a unicorn, and she isn’t exactly a “pegasus,” like the daughter of Peg’s owner calls her. But she is a carnivorous equine with a horn made out of cartilage on her forehead. Pay your fee to take a ride… but it will probably be your last.

WARNING: Do not buy this book if you have a weak stomach, if you’re easily disturbed, or if you’re looking for a light horror read. THIS IS NOT THAT BOOK. Seriously. You’ve been warned.

Genre: Horror
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