Zombie ish

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Zombie-ish by Brent Reilly

Zombie ish

Author has sold 300,000 books and is briefly giving away 61 free ebooks! The wild animal meat market in Wuhan just started its 3rd pandemic, except this virus fries neurons, turning people into mindless brain suckers. China acts decisively, after the contagion spreads worldwide. As kids’ brains rewire burnt synapses, the youngest children become the smartest zombies. Unlike dumb zombie adults, they’re dangerously zombie-ish. PRAISE FROM AMAZON VERIFIED REVIEWS: “Genius! Great book. Action around every corner. Highly addictive… Excellent story. Very well written.” “Bloody brilliant! Delightfully delicious. A feast for zombie fans. Highly recommended…Very clever and well written. The battles, hunts, and heroes were all great.” “A satisfying zombie thriller with an amazing original twist! It moved fast and had…hard science.” “Scary fun. Fantastic. Cool. Original.” “A page turner. Brilliant. Highly recommended. Original story. Awesome twists.” “Wicked fun. Excellent. Awesome. Great book. Best I’ve read all year.” “Original. Great book. Good chase scenes. Savage.”

Genre: Horror
Deal End Date: 2023-04-25