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ZOMBIE FLIGHT by J.P. Westfind


A fresh twist on the zombie genre that nobody saw coming. Zombies 2.0

Mustang infection has swept the globe. It makes you smarter, faster, cures chronic illnesses, and even helps you lose weight. You’ve got to make sure to take your medicine, because the consequences can be murder. Evolution or apocalypse, with the fate of the country at stake it’s time to choose sides – or the wrong side might chew you. 

Senator Richie Steele is flying home from Japan to a very different America. Powerful forces want him back, each with their own agenda. But first he has to survive the flight. Nothing adds up. Infected flight crew and passengers; a little girl in a surgical mask with a talent picking Mustangs; and an Air Marshall with a hidden agenda all combine at 38,000 feet. Blood is in the air. Zombie Flight –nowhere to run, no place to hide.

Genre: Horror