You Killed Me

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You Killed Me? by Adam Hythe

You Killed Me

Mabie Dunn realised she was dead. That upset her.

Mabie Dunn discovered she was murdered. That annoyed her.

Mabie found out who killed her. Now she’s mad.

This short story YOU KILLED ME introduces an unsuspecting and confused Mabie Dunn to the peculiarities of her particular afterlife in a new darkly comic and surreal ghost fantasy series – LIGHT LIFE.

First, Mabie has to accept she’s dead. Then what?

When she was alive, Mabie could read auras. Now, she can also manipulate them. What can she do with this new-found ability out here in the dark?

Torture her killer for one thing.

He lies injured in a hospital bed, where Mabie, refusing an afterlife, choosing to remain attached to the earth as a ghost until he has died, has worked out a way to use his life lights against him. To deliver pain to his ruined body. For the rest of his miserable life.

But a man has to sleep sometime. In the meantime, what has a newbie ghost got to do? Find out what happened.

The series continues with WHEN I SAY RUN… where Mabie attempts to save a group of somewhat intransigent young people from a stalking terror. Down on the farm.

KNOTS AND CROSSES where Mabie communicates with a young medium. Who has her own agenda.

NO MOTHER OF MINE when Mabie faces the possibility she will begin life anew. Literally!

Genre: Horror
Deal End Date: 2023-01-27