Welcome to Halcyon

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Welcome to Halcyon by S.G. Tasz

Welcome to Halcyon

A girl. A boy. And a mall full of monsters.

Misfit teenager Cari Hembert lives a dead-end life. Stuck in a dead mining town with her deadbeat mother, Cari works in one of the last stores at the town’s nearly empty “dead mall.” Her only real escape is Rex, the wannabe anarchist who runs concessions at the ancient movie theater. Pigging out on free nachos and beating him at video games may not be much of a life, but it sure beats dying of boredom.

But when Cari and Rex get locked in the mall overnight, they discover something that can’t be escaped by retreating into a game. Something powerful and unnatural. Something that could make them dead for real.

Featuring relatable heroes and packed with ridiculous action, Welcome to Halcyon kicks off the Dead Mall series, a wickedly sarcastic paranormal adventure for fans of Supernatural, Army of Darkness, and Shaun of the Dead.

Welcome to Halcyon also appears in The January Hours 5-Book Box Set (available now).

Genre: Horror