Vampire And The Frenchman 1

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Vampire And The Frenchman by Andy DeJong

Vampire And The Frenchman 1

Book 1 of the Ghosts Of Pinkerton series.

An imaginative book set in the old west with heavy elements of paranormal, fantasy, sci-fi, and horror. The characters sometimes use modern day slang, but for reasons of time not being what it seems. This won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but it might just be yours. Give it a read and follow the genre-mashing supernatural adventure!

Welcome to an alternative 1880s influenced by outside forces of light and dark—and different eras. It differs from our own in subtle, and not so subtle, ways. If you like your stories strange, a bit campy, and full of historical inaccuracies, then this is your type of book.

Jasper Longley was a broken man before Allan Pinkerton pulled him off the train tracks and gave him a purpose.

Cole Owens drank his skeletons away. He was aimless until he stumbled into Jasper.

The wild west in the 1880’s was a time of revolution, progress, lawlessness, and … monsters. While average Pinkerton agents were tasked with tracking bandits and keeping order, agents Jasper Longley and Cole Owens fought to keep the world from plunging into chaos. Their mission was to keep tabs on the supernatural beings wreaking havoc on the citizens of the western frontier—and apprehend candy-stealing goblins.

After a routine vampire hunt, Jasper and Cole discover a peculiar relic that sends them on a grueling quest to stop a mysterious force: The Chaos Demon. Few have encountered this demon and lived to tell the tale. Jasper is one of the few and he is hell-bent on ending this demon’s reign of terror.

Along the way, they uncover a few hidden demons of their own making.

A Frenchman and a lone vampire play much bigger roles than previously imagined. Nothing on the surface is quite what it seems—not when darkness consumes all things.

Book 2 – Sea Of Untold Stories is available now!

Genre: Horror
Deal End Date: 2024-02-15