Under a Blood Red Sky

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Under a Blood Red Sky by David Brian

Under a Blood Red Sky

Through the mire affecting his mind, Braxton was aware of something firm and slippery passing
over his body, a brief glimpse of bulbous eyes glimmering ebony in the candlelight, and a rubbery
countenance painted onto a neckless head.

The Rees’ party have been journeying west for weeks when they encounter Seymour Coleridge.
The cowboy is stranded in the desert, his off-kilter wagon resting crestfallen on its broken wheel.
Little do the pioneers realise, but a single act of kindness is about to put all of their lives in

The team presses on through the weird, wild west, not realising that the wagon train is headed
towards an ensemble of waiting nightmares.
Seymour Coleridge is a monster.
But he is not the worst fate awaiting the Braxton Rees’ party.

Deal End Date: 2023-04-21