Tiny Tales of Terror Volume 4

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Tiny Tales of Terror, Volume 4 by Dave Musson

Tiny Tales of Terror Volume 4

Just another peaceful visit to her husband’s grave…

Ava-Mae is making one of her regular visits to the final resting place of her husband. As always, she’s immaculately dressed, has an ice-cream in hand, and is lost in thought and memories. But today’s visit – on the third anniversary of Phillip’s death – is about to take a horrific turn.

Take Dave Musson’s hand once more as he guides you through another collection of pint-sized scary stories. There’s plenty to be terrified by here…just be grateful they’re over quickly.

“These tales may be tiny but they bring all the terror and the fun you want from a good horror story. Short, sharp and spooky! Amongst this collection of Tiny Tales of Terror, lies the piece de resistance, You’re Melting. Not as tiny as the other tales, You’re Melting has everything I want in a horror story, well-drawn characters, emotion, escalating tension, hooded figures and rats!”

Denver Grenell, author of 20,000 BLOODY WORDS and THE BURNING BOY.

Genre: Horror