The Valley 1

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The Valley by Mike Salt

The Valley 1

When Conrad and his wife set out to meet their friends for a simple weekend retreat, all they wanted was an easy weekend full of catching up and drinking. But when the group discovers a map that shows them the location of a hidden waterfall, hidden in the heart of an uncharted valley, they can’t help but jump at the opportunity to rediscover it.
What they don’t expect is to find an abandoned ghost town. Hidden away from the world with an evil secret.
Now Conrad and his group must do whatever they can to stay alive as they are hunted by an entity that feeds off the horrors that occur in the valley.

A horror they are doomed to repeat for eternity.

Winner of Inkshares 2018 Horror Competition, Mike Salt brings the reader into a dark world and never lets off the throttle.

Genre: Horror
Deal End Date: 2023-10-23