The Time We Have Left

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The Time We Have Left by Autumn Sullivan

The Time We Have Left

A post-apocalyptic zombie horror novel with a feminist slant perfect for fans of The Girl in Red, Manhunt, and The Last of Us.

Allie was right in the middle of a midlife crisis when zombies chewed through her quiet, boring suburban life. Trapped inside her sister’s house with their entire extended family, Allie struggles with warring feelings — relief that her daughter is safe, and a mounting anxiety that is slowly eating her alive.

When her husband confesses that he left his life-saving medication at home—on purpose—something shifts within her.

Only three miles, she chants, lacing up her sneakers. A run she’s made dozens of times before. But the stakes have never been higher.

A suicide mission. An excuse to leave the house. Either way, Allie is the only one who can make the journey through the swamp-infested land between their subdivisions.

Then, in a moment that changes everything, Allie discovers what being a wife and mother really means to her. To prove it, she’s ready to show the world who the most dangerous hunter in the apocalypse really is.

Genre: Horror
Deal End Date: 2023-05-04