The Thing Thats After Me

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The Thing That’s After Me by Richard Dietz

The Thing Thats After Me

The author of “Undead Nightmare : A Zombie Apocalypse Series” and “The Monster Within” brings readers into a thrilling and claustrophobic ghost story.

David Willcott is your average teen, a senior in high school just trying to get by. He’s focusing on his friends, his crush that he’s been too shy to even speak with, and what he wants to do after graduation. One of his best friend’s, Bradley, suggests they do something fun to mark the end of the school year. Why not try the “Weeping Hill Challenge”? Based on a local urban legend, the challenge seems similar to the well-known “Bloody Mary” one, only this one takes place in the cemetery while reciting different passages and is intended to summon some type of spirit from the afterlife.

It’s just a dumb challenge, right? David’s about to find out for better or worse.

Deal End Date: 2024-05-04