The Suns Shadow 1

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The Sun’s Shadow by Lynn Diavol

The Suns Shadow 1

Beauty is an affront to an exceptionally ugly world– One that Eledorah must fight to save for fear of history repeating itself. She’s a mute faenix –creatures manifested by the sun gods– who has just come of age to find a mate at eighteen years old.

But there’s a vampire Prince who wants a taste of the light she radiates. Conflicted, Kaanan craves to flourish in her light, but the monster within wants to bottle her up and smother her flame.

Can she cure his corrupted soul?

*Includes dark themes and potential triggers for survivors of assault.*


Droplets of rain began breaking through the cloud barricade that had held strong all day. Ele could only hear the patter of it on his wings that cloaked her in their shadows. Mesmerizing. Beautiful. Terrifying. Her mind raced through all the ways to describe those black masses which sprouted from his back.

Internally, the prince combatted the darkness and ached to stay in the light. Her light.

“Oh, the things I could do in here…” He muttered as if contemplating it seriously. “No one would dare stop me. I could even bet you wouldn’t fight it either. You’re too kind.” He stretched out a hand to grip her tapered chin, then fluidly swept his thumb over her supple lower lip. One day, he wanted it swollen after trapping her in a kiss for much too long. Kaanan had to curse himself under a harsh breath. “Not now.”

Genre: Horror
Deal End Date: 2023-08-04