The Slayer Trilogy

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The Slayer Trilogy by J.W. Webb

The Slayer Trilogy

He grubbed an existence in the dumps outside the city. She was born to wealth and lost it all. Both share one thing in common. They’re good at killing.

Slayer versus Dreamslayer. Meet Arraleen and Gujun, two killers on a collision. He’s on the run from his gang, while she’s feeding her panthers and sharpening her blades. It’s only a matter of time before our boy and girl come to blows.
Gujun’s upset some important people and everyone’s after his head. It’s fine, he’s got a plan. But he hasn’t met Arraleen Caze. Our panther girl’s holding a grudge and filing her knives with enemies at every corner. Is one of them Gujun? Time will tell.

A cat-and-mouse dance of death sets our two killers against each other and everyone else in this fast-paced chase across the desolate realms. But who’s the real villain? There’s no one to trust in a world beset by war and intrigue. Even the gods are playing a complex and devious game. It begs the question. When’s the next knife coming in the dark?

The Slayer Trilogy includes the novels: Dreamslayers, Dealers in Death, and Midnight Slayer. The events occur a few months after the barnstorming conclusion of the Berserker Trilogy. The Slayer books feature a host of new characters, because most of the old ones perished in the last novel. They shed light (and dark) on the complex nature of good versus evil, love and vengeance. Destiny, honor and treachery.
If you like tense gritty high-octane webs of swordplay and sorcery. You’ll love J.W. Webb’s latest trilogy of death, destruction and mayhem.

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Genre: Horror