The Quantum Cartographer

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The Quantum Cartographer by Kristen Keenon Fisher

The Quantum Cartographer

Silver-haired Nour paces about inside a fortified mountain complex in the year 2033. Counting the seconds in a timeline that is not her own – but one she may have very well had a hand in shaping. She should’ve never let them in. The night-dressed men. She tried to go back in time and erase them, but something went wrong. Nour now finds herself stranded in a world entirely controlled by them – ice-wall to shore. She must now find the mysterious man who gave her access to time’s skeleton key. However, in this timeline, he may be a small child.

In a far, distant past, Nija lives inside a despotic metropolis with tall, sloping buildings and sky-clawing structures. Inside this distant aeon – ruled by the ruthless Revival army – time travel is illegal, and anyone caught smuggling themself in through time’s door – disappears for good. The wool is pulled from Nija’s eyes once he learns that the disappeared travelers are part of a much larger puzzle. And the more he is plagued with strange visions and unusual lapses in consciousness, the more he realizes that he may be a part of the puzzle as well. The growing suspicion around him from allies and foes alike, makes Nija an unwilling participant in a secret war.

Eliza is on the run from the “clean-up crew” of her former employer, Holifax Industries. A former scientist, Eliza had access to some of the most clandestine projects and took it upon herself to declassify the ones above her clearance. She uncovered Holifax’s involvement in a dark human trafficking program that stretched across timelines. They were particularly interested in children with specific birthmarks and unique abilities. Eliza knows their dark secrets. And they know hers. She’s been hiding her son since she witnessed his eyes glowing beneath a full moon. Eliza was warned by an old friend that the day would come when she would have a difficult decision to make. Run forever… or hide her son in the past.

“A livewire tale charged with intelligence, depth, and adventure.”
– Kirkus Reviews

“Science fiction and fantasy readers will enjoy piecing together the parts of this entertaining time travel adventure.”
– Blueink Review

Deal End Date: 2023-05-06