The Other Place Trilogy

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The Other Place Trilogy by Dan DeLuise

The Other Place Trilogy

From Bestselling author Dan DeLuise comes a dark fantasy trilogy about monsters, mourning, and rebirth.
Emma didn’t want to move to Twin Pines. But, after her “incident”, Emma’s Mom didn’t give her any choice in that manner – they needed a quiet, peaceful place for their fresh start. But, Emma quickly learned that things in Twin Pines were not as they seemed, especially with her neighbor Marjorie. Is it her twin german shepherds? Is it the way she spits on their front lawn when she walks by? Is it the sounds that come from her house at night? Emma doesn’t know. But, after one of her visits turns dangerous, Emma must confront her fears to save herself, her family, and the rest of her town. The Other Place is an edge-of-your-seat dark fantasy trilogy guaranteed to keep you up all night.

Genre: Horror