The Noble Villains

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The Noble Villains by Seth Wildschut

The Noble Villains

“Seth Wildschut removes all of the fantasy tropes, revealing an honest and sometimes gruesome look at loyalty and dishonor.” -S.A. Moss, author of Anhedonia and the Orion Sound

No more kings, no more empires, the forge war begins. The Miracle Frequency changed the world, but was it for the better? Ex-soldier Darragh Moonford operates in society as an outlaw after being cast out by a kingdom that no longer needs him. As technology advanced, magic-enhanced soldiers became obsolete leading to many becoming criminals. Using his forge-enhanced abilities he takes jobs outside the law to provide security and income for himself and his partner Orion. Soon they stumble onto a plot that could destroy every kingdom and the world itself. The war has ended, but for the forgotten soldiers with inhuman abilities peace never came. Some are outlaws, some keep the law, but none of them are heroes.
Best In Show winner for Magic-Focused Fantasies 2021

Genre: Horror