The Haunting of Cape Aspen

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The Haunting of Cape Aspen by Wren Taylor

The Haunting of Cape Aspen

Haunted pasts and spectral warnings: dive into Cape Aspen’s mysteries where every note played hides a deeper secret.

In the quaint, secretive town of Cape Aspen, Maine, Mina Whittaker, haunted by memories of her tumultuous past, seeks refuge as an au pair for the enigmatic Bloom family. Their daughter, Marissa, isn’t just a piano prodigy but also seems haunted by the eerie spirits of her parents, who met a grim fate three years prior. As Mina gets entangled in the town’s mysteries and the whispers of the Bloom family’s dark history, spectral warnings beckon her to uncover deeply guarded secrets. Facing her own traumatic shadows, Mina realizes that unraveling these mysteries is crucial, not just for her but to prevent another looming tragedy from shattering Cape Aspen.

Genre: Horror
Deal End Date: 2023-09-01