The Fear Factory Horror Short Story Collection

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The Fear Factory : Horror Short Story Collection by Richard Dietz

The Fear Factory Horror Short Story Collection

For fans of zombies, monsters, ghosts, and other horrors, this frightening set includes several creepy shorts, plus the first books of both “Undead Nightmare” and “OMG Zombies !!” series to wet your appetite (be sure to catch the entire series of each, available on Amazon).


Trapped : A teen is kidnapped by a disturbed stranger. Will he escape or be rescued before it’s too late?
Don’t Drink the Water : A scientist with a God complex unleashes horror upon a small town.
Eaten Alive : Two best friends camping in the woods encounter a deadly contagion.
Evil Twin : A disturbed killer stalks a once peaceful town. What is the dark secret behind this nightmare?
It Lives in the Attic : A family moves into their dream home only to realize someone or something has taken up residence in the attic. What does this unseen intruder want?
The Monster Within : Several brutal and shocking murders plague a small town. All signs point to animal attacks, but circumstances seem to suggest otherwise. Police are baffled and a local teen boy is coming to grips with a dark secret that may be spiraling out of control.
The Thing That’s After Me: A seemingly harmless high school dare leaves a teen boy on the run from an evil spirit intent on doing him harm. Why does this ghost want him and what, if anything, can be done to stop it?
Undead Nightmare – Book 1: A few average, everyday citizens deal with horrors at the beginning of a zombie apocalypse (Catch the entire series now available on Amazon, books #1 – 8).
OMG Zombies !! – Book 1 : This first-person POV zombie shocker follows teen, Ben, from the outset of a zombie nightmare as a strange virus transforms the town’s living residents into flesh-hungry, undead monsters.

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Genre: Horror
Deal End Date: 2024-05-23