The Dream Keeper 1

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The Dream Keeper by A. B. Cohen

The Dream Keeper 1

It isn’t just the memory that haunts him…
…something sinister lurks within the dream world
Will Daniel’s research bring it out?
The trauma of that summer so long ago stayed with him. It wasn’t Daniel’s fault, yet guilt remained. It’s why he pursued his doctorate in cognition, brain, and behavior. Could knowledge heal the wounds?
The internship would let him test his theory.
In a secluded town outside of Boston, 70-year-old Dr. Cooper runs his research institute far away from society and prying eyes. He was close to a breakthrough. Time wasn’t on his side. Are the Ph.D. candidate’s ideas the missing piece?
Will answers be found…
…in the world of lucid dreams?
Or is it a doorway to a darkness neither can comprehend?
You’ll love this mind-bending thriller because the monsters that chase us can be more than just the traumas of our past.
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Genre: Horror
Deal End Date: 2023-08-21