The Diggers

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The Diggers by Jonathan Maas

The Diggers

This is The Diggers Edition 2 – It is still read-in-one-sitting, but now with a bonus tale – Rest Home !

A note from the editor –
‘When Jonathan Maas sent me the read-in-one-sitting manuscript for The Diggers, it left me shaken – because tales of the undead tend to do that.

But at the same time, this is no ordinary tale of the undead.
The standard tropes of power outages, societal collapse and roving militias –
No, those aren’t in The Diggers.
But something far, far worse lies beneath the soil.
And the characters herein are more than willing to dig it up.

Originally published in the collection Thylacine Dreams, this is a page-turner novella that will hook you from the first word to the last. So download it today, and see what lies beneath our feet. You’ll find that there are terrors far greater than the roving undead – far greater indeed.’

– J. Shaw, editor, Cynical Optimist Press

For fans of – Read-in-one-sitting tales, short fiction, zombies, the undead, The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman, 28 Days Later, Stephen King, horror, philosophy, and tales from the perspective of the Universe

Genre: Horror