The Devils Replacement

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The Devil’s Replacement by Michael D. A. Clarke

The Devils Replacement

“Wonderfully dark horror comedy!” – Sharron Joy Reads

“Clever, Entertaining and Thought-Provoking.” – Jai Hui

“So entertaining, I could not put it down!” – Holly Schultz

“Finally! A twist I didn’t expect.” – Aaron

The Devil is ready to retire from ruling Hell.

Before settling down with his sex crazed girlfriend, he must first seek a worthy replacement.

Through a series of gripping and connected short horror stories, we meet a variety of candidates potentially ready to take the reins.

From the twisted ringmaster of a circus that contains a dark secret, to an unstable superhuman saviour who begins to question whether society deserves to be punished rather than protected, each individual has their own unique, thrilling, twisted and often hilarious story to tell.

Only one of them will ultimately get the job. Place your bets.

The Devil’s Replacement is a real treat for any horror fan.

Genre: Horror