The Death Moons Scythe

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The Death Moon’s Scythe by Kyle Wilhelm

The Death Moons Scythe

Fast-paced dark fantasy infused with mystery, horror, and dry humor!

The city of Caedia is ambushed by the army of Beorland. Kove, an outcast, a coward, unfit to join the King’s Guard huddles alone amidst the chaos as his city, his home, all that he loves is destroyed.

Tasked with the assassination of King Alban of Caedia, Raena S’ehn of The Black Knives witnesses an otherworldly power in the form of flame erupting from Kove’s body during the assault. With her assassination attempt thwarted, she opts to kidnap Kove in place of the king, taking him to her master hidden deep beneath Castle Villastrad at the edge of the world.

While Vaerghal assassins corrupt the kingdoms of the realm from within, they seek to summon a being of ancient, unspeakable evil known as the Dakaroth in order to consume Kove’s power, sending the world spiraling into chaos.

As the city of Caedia seeks to rebuild, Captain West of the King’s Guard is given strict orders from King Alban, ‘Just find him.’ After Captain West’s daughter Sasha is severely wounded by the fire, an act of treason becomes personal.

Find out what will come of Kove and The Eldritch Flame in this exciting dark fantasy adventure!

Genre: Horror
Deal End Date: 2023-05-15