The Curse Spiritual Grimdark Horror Graphic Ballad

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The Curse: Spiritual Grimdark Horror Graphic Ballad by A.G. ZoderoT

The Curse Spiritual Grimdark Horror Graphic Ballad

A 284-page graphic adaptation unfolds, brimming with vivid dark imagery, where Horrid Dark Fantasy entwines with Spirituality, blending gold with blood in prose and poetry, all ensconced in an utterly unique old-ballad-style narrative.

Behold the inaugural tome of the spiritual fantasy saga—’The Path of None’: The Curse. A.G. ZoderoT’s grimdark spiritual horror fantasy ballad opus, set in a foreboding fantasy realm, unveils the saga of Drakko, an ordinary youth teetering on the brink of destiny. His encounter with the enigmatic One ignites an inner odyssey that has long been underway, unbeknownst to him, hastening his journey as disparate worlds coalesce into One. As Drakko undertakes his final quest, trials test his resolve, propelling him to realms both internal and external, beyond the confines of his wildest imaginings. Witness his harrowing metamorphosis, decipher the clues pointing inward, and behold the fate of those who believe they’ve grasped the elusive Truth, only to realize their quest has just begun!

Genre: Horror
#DarkFantasy #ThrillersandSuspense
Deal End Date: 2024-06-09