Stinger by Tom Dell'Aringa


As his warship comes under attack by a devastating alien horror, a drug-addicted recruit stumbles upon a secret super soldier compound. In his hand is the one hope to save the ship. But to do it, he’ll have to face his crippling fear of the alien on the other side of the hatch.

★★★★★ – This is one of the best books I’ve read in along time. This book was like an acid trip ending too soon. I highly recommend this book to fans of sci-fi, thrillers and suspense. – Matthew W Seniff

★★★★★ – I’m always on the lookout for great quick reads and listens. Tom Dell’Aringa’s little story was just that. It’s quick paced, primal, and full of suspense, I found myself sucked into its world. It feels lived in, with plenty of opportunity to grow, but not lacking for its purpose. Steve Ogden’s narration is fantastic as well! If you’re looking for something you can dive into and enjoy in one sitting, I highly recommend checking this one out. – Viviane Regina (via Audible)

It all began when as a new recruit, Jimi saw “the footage.”

Chaotic visuals of the horrific alien Sasori injected into Sol United fleet ships as killing machines in the war with the Andromedans. The creatures destroyed crew and ship alike and were impervious to conventional weaponry. Seeing the scorpion-like alien in action awakes a primal fear he can’t control. Night terrors follow, disturbing squad mates already on edge from the stress of war. Jimi is an outcast in his own unit.

In desperation, he turns to the illegal drug hoosh and finds himself AWOL, hidden in the belly of the ship.

Crippled by his own terror and addiction, Jimi is unknowingly on the next ship targeted for insertion. His greatest fear of coming face-to-face with the alien horror is about to be realized.

Genre: Horror
Deal End Date: 2024-01-25