Serial Killer Z Volume 1

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Serial Killer Z: Volume 1 by Philip Harris

Serial Killer Z Volume 1

For some, the zombies are a good thing.
Dexter meets The Walking Dead in the first three volumes of this gripping horror series.

Serial Killer Z: Infection
Edward Taylor just killed a man. It wasn’t the first time but it could be the last.

For the last twenty years, he’s been careful, hiding his true self behind a mask of humanity. But now someone out there knows what Edward is, and he has no idea what they’re planning to do with that knowledge. When he’s approached by a journalist working to bring down a controversial research lab, Edward’s personal and work life collide. Cornered, and with his paranoia growing, he’s forced to take action and triggers a sequence of events that might just unleash a plague of the dead on the world.

Serial Killer Z
The man who calls himself Marcus Black spent years hiding his true identity from the world, killing to feed the shadow that lives inside him. Now the dead walk the earth and he’s just trying to survive.

With the dead a constant threat, Marcus is forced to suppress his true self and fight against the shadow that lives inside him. Losing that fight will leave him exposed and could cost him his life. When he discovers an abandoned camp deep in the forest Marcus believes he’s finally found a home. A place where he can once again unleash the shadow. Isolated. Quiet. Safe. It’s perfect.

Until the outside world intrudes and Marcus finds himself caught between the living and the dead. Hiding behind a veneer of humanity, Marcus struggles to find a way to get rid of the new arrivals. But as his mask begins to slip, he discovers that he may not be the only one with a deadly secret.

Serial Killer Z: Sanctuary
When a chance encounter with a group of scavengers turns violent, Marcus flees to a nearby town. Sanctuary is a safe haven for those lucky enough to survive the swarms of zombies that roam the landscape, but the cracks are beginning to show.

As life in Sanctuary unravels, Marcus is caught between two factions vying for control in a cold war that threatens to spill over into violence at any moment.

Forced to take sides, and with tensions rising, Marcus must decide which is more important – revenge or freedom.

Genre: Horror
Deal End Date: 2024-03-06