Serial Killer Android Mass Murders Book One

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Serial Killer Android: Mass Murders Book One by David Scott

Serial Killer Android Mass Murders Book One


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A serial killer stalks humanity, slaughtering as many people as possible on the last night of every month. It is not evil. It does not act out of emotion. It cannot empathize or show mercy. That is not in its design. It is an android programmed to kill. A masked monster relentless in its intent; to punish humanity and to remind us all of the importance of life, by taking it away.

Assistant Director Dan Goodchild and Special Agent Luke Harrison of the FBI are tasked with stopping its reign of terror and preventing further mass killings, the likes of which have never been seen before. They are wholly unprepared for the unprecedented horrors that lie ahead. At the same time, Dan and Luke must also face their unexpected feelings for each other; an unprofessional passion that could ignite at any moment to distract them from defeating their foe.

The horror has only just begun. Nobody is safe. There is nowhere to hide. Heed the warning, and live today while you still have the chance. Tomorrow may never come. There is a new serial killer out there, and it is coming for you.

Deal End Date: 2023-08-27