Secrets from Beyond

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Secrets from Beyond by Vincent Valentean

Secrets from Beyond

Westfield’s outcast medium must face his past and a vengeful killer – all with the help of the restless dead.

When psychic medium Michael Merlyn was run out of the small town of Westfield Texas, he thought that nothing would ever make him return. But when an old friend is found murdered, Michael is forced to return to his hometown and use his special gift to commune with the dead to track down a vicious serial killer targeting ordained priests. Can Michael unravel the clues left for him by the spirits of the dead and save a town that hates him? Or will he fail and leave his former home to the whims of a demented maniac?

The Haunting of the Bishop Family

Hoping for a fresh start and undeterred by their dwindling bank account, Jeffery and Sarah Simpson pour the remaining of their savings into a foreclosed Bed and Breakfast in the idyllic snowy mountain town of Roslyn. But as renovations begin, the married couple discovers more than just a few leaky pipes. The home’s reputation stained by a horrific murder from years prior, the Simpson’s uncover secrets certain townsfolk have worked tirelessly to keep hidden. Fighting bankruptcy, dark forces, and at times each other, Jeffrey and Sarah fear their dream Bed and Breakfast has become a nightmare.

Deal End Date: 2023-08-28