Sacrament and Smoke

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Sacrament and Smoke by Kathryn Trattner

Sacrament and Smoke

The death of a Saint. The birth of a monster.

Visions of war have haunted the oracle Kira for weeks. Those around her have ignored each warning—even her beloved Saint Hakan—leaving Kira with an impending sense of doom.

An enigmatic and charismatic leader of a growing cult, Hakan is on the verge of achieving the impossible. Monsters and men have gathered to discuss uniting the fractured kingdoms surrounding the Golden Citadel. But there is a dangerous faction who believe Hakan has become too powerful.

In one night, Kira’s world is transformed and the love she thought would last a lifetime is reshaped.

Discover the origins of the Saint in this prequel short story to the dark fantasy romance The Dead Saint – book one in the Blood and Rubies series.

Genre: Horror