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Rogues by I. C. Shadows


For most, the world ended with the Merging, the phenomenon that brought the monsters from another realm—hellbent on conquering ours. But for my brother Michael and I, the world ended the night our father was killed, victim to a brutal murder.
All rejoiced when the struggle ended, and the armies of fantastic beasts were repelled back to wherever they’d come from. Unfortunately, a new world order emerged from the ashes, condemning the survivors to life on corrupted, crime-ridden streets that continue to experience no shortage of human casualties.

But many were changed after the Merging, exposure to elements of another world turning them into something else…something more. Meanwhile, lurking in the shadows is a cabal of monsters who, for reasons unknown, choose to remain in our world. We call them—Rogues. Hot on their tail, a secret organization known as the Bureau seeks their demise—and any who dares to aid them.

Genre: Horror
Deal End Date: 2023-05-23