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Rampike by European P. Douglas


Trapped in an isolated mountain town… Something doesn’t want them to leave When the local hermit, Maul Thorndean, disappears, Sheriff Joe Moorefield finds his cabin in a disconcerting state: all the surrounding trees are ghost-white, brittle, and leaning towards the cabin. There is blood on the floor, but no sign of Maul. Usually, if there is trouble in Mercy, Maul is the cause. Now, he might be the victim. The strange trees and their wraith-like limbs spread across the town. But when people begin disappearing, it’s clear that the trees are the least of the sheriff’s worries. In a desperate race to escape, only the luckiest will survive. Rampike is a chilling small-town thriller. If you like Supernatural and The X-Files, then you’ll love Rampike by European P. Douglas. Scroll up and buy it today!

Deal End Date: 2023-02-20