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Pyreburg by Ben Brown


John Matherson’s life as an investigative journalist is turned upside down when he is forced to take care of his sister after their parents’ untimely deaths.
Despite the loss of both his career and parents, he finds happiness in caring for his much younger sibling, Sandy. Then, with the arrival of Brax, Sandy’s son, things seem almost perfect, and life returns to contented normality.
The trouble is, heartache for the Mathersons isn’t a thing of the past.
When Brax is taken in a tragic automobile accident, Sandy sinks into an alcohol-filled hole that she can’t escape. Ultimately, her addiction costs her her life. But is everything as it seems?
Grief-stricken, John discovers his sister’s death isn’t what it appears, and he embarks on a five-year hunt for the man he believes responsible. That hunt takes him to Pyreburg, and he uncovers a secret he never thought possible… monsters are real!

From Pyreburg’s tension-filled opening chapters to its harrowing, heart-stopping conclusion, award-winning author, Ben Brown, will have you checking your doors are locked, and that all the lights in your house are on.

Just remember, the crows are watching, and the Lollipopman is always hungry.

Deal End Date: 2023-07-31