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Punished by Tamara Rose Blodgett & Marata Eros


“…I just had to keep turning the pages until I was done.” ~ Tena Barnes

TwoNew York Times, USA Today and #1 Dark Fantasy bestsellerauthor styles come together for dark paranormal romance + dystopian grit.

“… you are unable to put the book down….”
“… coming back for more…”

Narah Adrienne is a bounty enforcer in the near future.

She runs the seedy side of her game, capturing criminals too dangerous for the local law enforcement. Using unorthodox methods, she finds herself in the crosshairs of the Magistrate for too many allowable kills for the quarter.

And her head hurts like hell.

Aeslin is part of an elite vampire squad of Turners. A rare sect of vampire scouts who possess the ability to find women with enough undead blood to be turned into full vampire.

Now that Narah understands her bounty target is really a Hunter assigned to commit a part of her to death, she must make the best choice among terrible options. Only one man can save her and technically, he’s not human.

Matthews discovers the truth of Hunter leadership, and with an uncertain end goal he determines to follow his heart, though that decision might cost him his life.

Aeslin has exposed his race by removing Narah in plain sight.

Opposing forces and their hidden agendas continue to move Narah like a chess piece toward an inevitable stale mate. Can Narah return to her old life? Will she be hunted for an escape that was beyond her control—or will her tie to Aeslin and Matthews help her regain all that’s she’s lost—and more than she ever dreamed possible?

Punished is 300+ pages/67,000 word novel in the ALPHA CLAIM world serial.

Deal End Date: 2023-07-26