Presents for Raymond

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Presents for Raymond by D. T. Adams

Presents for Raymond

Presents aren’t the only thing that can get ripped apart at Christmas
Explore the darker side of the festive season with these six short horror stories.

‘Better Be Good’. A mother with an unruly son wonders whether she should tell Santa he’s been a naughty boy.
‘Decorating the Tree’. A keen woman who’s very particular about her decorations notices something that shouldn’t be there.
‘Lights for Company’. A cheating wife has a lovely Christmas surprise, but things soon take a turn for the worse.
‘Meeting Santa Claus’. An alcoholic Santa struggles to stay in character on Christmas Eve.
‘Presents for Raymond’. A family puts out a present for the unborn Raymond every year, but one year strange things start happening.
‘Snowmen’. A loner with a passion for building snowmen wants to make one that will last forever.
Christmas can be bloody awful. Some of the poor people in these short stories won’t be getting nice gifts. Instead, they’ll experience torture, trauma and maybe even death.

If you’re looking for some horror stories themed to Christmas, you’re sure to enjoy Presents for Raymond.

Buy now and see just how disastrous and horrific Christmas can be.

Genre: Horror
Deal End Date: 2023-11-03