Nights of Obedience 1

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Nights of Obedience by Rachel Mays

Nights of Obedience 1


I never asked to marry King Cyrus, the ruler of the neighboring realm. But after his wife passed away, my parents saw an opportunity to gain his favor. They didn’t hesitate to offer my hand in marriage. Despite the circumstances, I’m determined to make the best of the situation. After all, becoming royalty comes with plenty of advantages. But first I’ll have to get past an unexpected obstacle—the king’s brother, Ladon.


I’ll do anything to protect my family, even if it means sabotaging my brother’s upcoming marriage. I know the truth—that Emilie is a money-hungry opportunist who is unfit to be the queen. I’ll do whatever it takes to see their engagement come to an end. She thought she was entering paradise, but I’m going to give her hell.

Until disaster strikes…

Now, we only have each other. Working together might be the only way to survive the twisted games we’ll be forced to play.

Author’s Note: Nights of Obedience, the first book in the Vines & Venom duet, is a spicy, enemies-to-lovers romantasy. This book features mature themes and content that may not be suitable for all audiences. Reader discretion is advised. For a complete list of content warnings, check the author’s website.

Genre: Horror