Mist At The Beach House

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Mist At The Beach House by Victoria LK Williams

Mist At The Beach House

Murder and Mermaids… Not your normal cozy mystery!

When Morgan Seaver returns to her family’s beach house on Pearl Island, she is expecting a warm welcome. Instead, she finds her aunt has been murdered, and that she is the prime suspect.

A mysterious mist develops and protects Morgan as she sets out to clear her name. From the mist appears a special kitten that quickly adapts Morgan as her own.

Morgan discovers that her family has a long and complicated history with the island, one that is deeply entwined with the legend of mermaids. She learns her ancestors were involved in a conflict with a powerful sea witch, and that her family’s ties to the island’s legends may hold the key to solving the murder.

As she delves deeper into the mystery, Morgan realizes she must come to terms with her family’s past in order to secure her future. Can she solve the murder and find out the truth about her family’s history?

Find out in Mist at the Beach House, the first book in the Beach House Mysteries series, where legends of mermaids and conflicts with a powerful sea witch come to life.

Genre: Horror