Mermaid Wars

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Mermaid Wars by Brent Reilly

Mermaid Wars

Author has sold 300,000 books and is giving away 61 free ebooks – get yours now! #1 in Epic Fantasy, #1 in Paranormal Suspense, #1 in Occult Horror, #1 in Mythology and Folk Tales, #1 in Fairy Tale Fantasy, #1 in Dark Fantasy Horror, and #1 in Paranormal Romance on Amazon.Pre-humans stranded on isolated islands evolved into amphibians over millions of years. The Mermaid Queen needs the hot prince to stop the cruel Pirate King from raiding Atlantis. Mermaids use echolocation to befriend whales and smash pirate fleets. But their combined strength threatens mainland empires who vow to drown them. To survive, the killer couple will need monstrous friends — and the bigger, the better. PRAISE FROM AMAZON VERIFIED REVIEWS: “Best mermaid book ever! Epic in scope, delicious in detail, and surprisingly ambitious. Superior in the genre. Fantastic fun and very funny. An explosive plot full of intense action and nail-biting suspense.” “Smart, action-packed, super fun thriller with witty dialog, vivid heroics, and a killer climax…A relentless pace, unforgettable heroes, and an emotional ride.” “An incredible adventure. It deserves 6 stars.” “A wonderful thriller. It has everything. Great story.” “Everything was great…Wonderful read.” “Excellent fun…I loved it.” “Great read by a new author for me.” “A great heroine…Clever plot…very original.” “Heroes worth rooting for. Powerful plot…I loved the ending.” “Great mermaid book. Awesome. Fantastic. I liked the monsters. Fact pace.” “Marvelous. Great book. Hot action. Cool monsters.” “Wonderful. Original. Great book. I loved it. Great story.” “Mesmerizing. Action packed. Original and fun. Cool heroes.” “Unique and original. Addictive. Cool fights. Amazing plot. Fast and fun.”

Genre: Horror
Deal End Date: 2023-06-01