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Marduke by Teresita Blanco


Marduke is an alderman that was sent to the terraformed planet of Saturn in order to Hunt Abandons. Abandons are eldritch horrors that feast upon Magic Users. These creatures have succeeded in almost completely erasing magic from the known Universe. Due to the Magus genocide, the Abandons in turn were hunted down to extinction. The last one that remains has taken refuge in Saturn. Marduke must find and destroy this creature before it kills the last remaining Magic Users. Marduke tracks the Abandon Libra to Veragerung. He senses the creature, but he is still unable to pinpoint her exact location. Someone is sheltering the Abandon Libra. In exchange of knowledge, this person does her dirty work for her. Will Marduke succeed in destroying Libra? Or will Libra’s emissary kill Marduke?

Genre: Horror
Deal End Date: 2023-02-11