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Lucy by Alan Aspinall


There is a serial killer stalking the streets of North London. His name is Derek, and already six have fallen to his blades. Driven by a sickness within his soul he hunts women, his intention, to wash away a past humiliation by drowning it in the blood of innocents, and now he has victim number seven within his sights. Her name is Lucy, and she is every bit his type. But behind her gorgeous green eyes, and perfect smile, she is hiding a terrifying secret, and Derek is about to find out as bad as he thinks he is, he cannot hold a candle to Lucy. Welcome to the world of the Fading Light. When an ancient evil begins to walk the earth, it sets in to motion a series of events that will shake the world as we know it too its very foundations, and could possibly mark the beginning of the end times for humanity. The long dormant powers of the supernatural have started to awaken from there centuries long slumber. The things that dwell within the shadows are legion, and now, they are slowly taking back the night. The Fading Light series is a shared universe of short horror stories, with each book building upon the last. Some of the tales will advance the series narrative, while others will explore the world at large.

Genre: Horror
Deal End Date: 2024-01-09