Lot 150 Masterpiece Edition

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Lot 150: Masterpiece Edition by Billie Dean Shoemate III

Lot 150 Masterpiece Edition

Originally released in 2012, Lot 150 is what the author describes as the cornerstone of his writing career. Lot 150 was the fourth novel Billie Dean Shoemate III published and now with almost 30 published works under his belt, he revisits the story that made him. The shadow Lot 150 has cast is one rarely seen in independent publishing and has cemented itself as a must-have for readers who support independently-published writers. Returning with a brand new edit and introduction by the author, this is the definitive version of the novel that became the foundation of a truly prolific writer. A novel that, despite the years that have passed since its publication, remains a critical and commercial success.

Known as the most frightening novel Billie Dean Shoemate III has ever written, it is a story about four friends who return to a very special place to move on with their stagnant, haunted lives and finally destroy the demon of their past. Unlike most people, however, their demon has a face. It has a name, and even after all these years, it will not let them forget.

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