Lockdown A Collection of Dark Tales

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Lockdown: A Collection of Dark Tales by Arthur Herbert

Lockdown A Collection of Dark Tales

***Winner of the 2022 New York City Big Book Award for Best Short Story Collection***

“Herbert’s tales have a solid, unnerving twist, yet it’s the unforgettable cast that truly drives the narratives.” -Kirkus Reviews

Arthur Herbert’s award-winning collection of short fiction and twist endings showcases why he’s considered one of the most exciting new voices in the suspense genre. Here you’ll read about two women on a lonely road trip through the West Texas desert who stumble across a finding that chills their bones (“Sisters”), a ten-year-old boy who sets out to prove there’s nothing in the town of Amoret’s most famous haunted house (“Dead Snakes”), a Depression-era railroad worker whose midnight rounds set off a chain reaction of events that will change his life forever (“The Railyard Man”), an undergraduate in the midst of an affair with her professor who fears telling him her secret while suspecting he has one of his own (“Small Lies, Big Secrets”), and more. Some characters are dark, some funny, some cynical, some noble, but all are absolutely authentic and memorable. Come discover what burbles up from the darkness of Arthur Herbert’s vivid imagination…

Genre: Horror