Little Doves A psychological thriller

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Little Doves: A psychological thriller by Sara Ennis

Little Doves A psychological thriller

Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil – or pay the consequences.

Twenty years ago, Stasia King’s 14-year-old sister was abducted, raped and viciously murdered. Now, on the anniversary of her disappearance, another young girl has gone missing, from the same exclusive country club. The cases can’t possibly be connected since the murderer has been dead nearly twenty years – or can they? Is it coincidence or something more sinister?

Nick Winston is in town to investigate the girl’s disappearance, but he’s drawn to a second case that’s grabbing global attention: Someone calling themselves The Surgeon is attacking pillars of the community men in very specific ways. The Surgeon isn’t hiding in the shadows; they record the attacks and post them on social media, with an invitation to watch as the assaults become more violent, and more final. They’re sending a message, and demanding justice with a cryptic tagline: #stopsabine.

Is The Surgeon a vigilante, or a brutal killer?

Genre: Horror