Lies of the Fae Book One of the Stolen Fae series

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Lies of the Fae: Book One of the Stolen Fae series by M. J. Lawrie

Lies of the Fae Book One of the Stolen Fae series

Monster. Liar. Thief. Killer.
I’ve been called it all and so much worse.
And they’re not wrong.

I’ve been running my whole life. Hiding from the monsters who haunt my dreams and who will tear me apart again and again if they ever find me. I live off whatever I can steal, trapped inside a fae prison city filled with pollution, sin and poverty. Humans have captured the Fae.

We belong to them now.

My scars make me a bad omen to my people, who shun and torment me at every turn.

Cyrus, the egotistical and frustratingly gorgeous leader of the fae under-city, can’t seem to decide whether he wants to kill me or claim me for his own dark and delicious desires.

And Reid, a dangerous and hypnotically beautiful human Authority Agent whose sole purpose should be to keep me in the dirt, has decided to keep me as his own personal Pet instead.

But when dark, demonic creatures start attacking, killing human and Fae alike, alliances must be made, especially when the monsters seem to be determined to find and slaughter me.

A dormant war is awakening, and the part I must play in it is only just becoming clear.

Do I stand and fight? Or do I strike the match and watch them all burn?

Lies of the Fae is book 1 in “The Stolen Fae series”. It’s a dark, urban-fantasy romance full of magic, danger, passion, and pain.

*Please Note: This is a reverse harem book and contains explicit content and darker elements, including mature language, violence, torture and non-consensual sex. It is not intended for anyone under 18 years of age.

Genre: Horror