Isolation Island Into the Wild

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Isolation Island: Into the Wild by Johnny Moscato

Isolation Island Into the Wild

It was supposed to be the opportunity of a lifetime—the chance to be on a reality show and win a million dollars.

Ten contestants are dropped individually on a remote island in the Pacific Ocean with one goal in mind—SURVIVE. But, there are more dangers lurking in the shadows than just the wolves, bears, isolation and harsh environment. Nobody expected a murderer among them.

The last survivor standing will win the million dollar prize, but the real prize might be merely coming home alive when all communication with the outside world is lost and sleeping bags start turning into body bags.

The Cast:

Derrick Bond- A 29 year-old ex-Marine from Texas. He’s come to Isolation Island to escape the demons of his past and prove he still has what it takes to adapt, overcome, and survive.

Jillian Hill- 49 years-old. A self-proclaimed badass. She’s a wife and mother of six from Kentucky, full of grit and determination. She signed up for the ultimate test of endurance to prove to her kids anything is possible.

Tucker Jordan- A yoga instructor from Vermont looking to become one with nature and test his ability to live off the land. But, Isolation Island’s harsh climate does not welcome visitors with open arms. Can he find peace and harmony among the hungry wild animals?

Stephanie Hamilton- An artist and experienced survivalist from Colorado. She can survive anywhere, but what she wants most is to win the million dollars so she can live off the grid on a Caribbean island.

Wes Wood- A farmer from Mississippi looking to strike it rich on his first trip outside the country. Will his shady past catch up with him in a competition where mental toughness is as important as physical ability?

Kimmie Arden- A burnt-out nurse from New York who’s sick of the daily grind and work-related stress. If she can outlast the others, it can mean a more peaceful life for her whole family.

Seaton Rogers- A screenwriter and self-described introvert—perhaps the type of personality most suited for months of isolation. He wants the million dollars so he can distance himself from society and live a self-sustaining life on his own terms.

Zoey Price- A dance instructor and the youngest person in the competition entering at 24 years-old. She’ll have to learn quickly and adapt if she wants a shot at beating the older, more experienced survivalists.

Floyd Benson- A pizza delivery man from Florida with two young children depending on him. Can his energy-conserving strategy help him survive longer than the others?

Ezra Greer- A hard-nosed truck driver from Alaska. He’s come to Isolation Island to escape his dark past and make a new start. One million dollars would surely go a long way.

Ten contestants.
One million dollars up for grabs.
The last person remaining wins.
Welcome to Isolation Island.

”Horrific, Terrifying, Suspenseful, this Thriller has all that and more. I would go so far as to compare it to the works of Stephen King.” -Amazon/Goodreads Reviewer

”The action leaps off

Genre: Horror
Deal End Date: 2023-08-22