Incarnate Ascension

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Incarnate: Ascension by Anthony J. Greenall

Incarnate Ascension

On the night a religious terrorist unleashes their own brand of hellfire across the country, criminal psychologist Dr Alex Deacon finds himself inside one of London’s police cells, questioning an individual who may not be…an individual.

Meanwhile, among the spires of Oxford, a young woman unearths a series of clues that point to a secret organisation called the Historians. Their method of unlocking human history is so enticing that she vows to seek them out and confirm the truth of their extraordinary existence with her own eyes.

When the pair come together under unexpected circumstances, it falls on Alex to investigate the attacks, but he must push his scepticism of the supernatural aside to find the man responsible. They’re soon to learn that there’s a greater atrocity on the horizon — one which must be stopped at all costs.

Hell cannot rise again.

Genre: Horror
Deal End Date: 2023-01-23