id A Novel

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id: A Novel by Kevin Spark

id A Novel

Winner of the CLC Book Excellence Award for psychological thrillers

Dr. Shelly, a brilliant psychologist, forever haunted by her father and his murderous past, is driven by the need to find out why we do the things we do? Is the concept of free will just a concept and nothing more, a construct that blinds us to a less palatable truth, that who we are is predetermined and encoded at birth? Does anyone really choose to do the bad things we do or are we just doing what comes naturally?

Shelly constructs an experiment using a sensory deprivation tank and virtual reality, allowing the darkest part of ourselves, the id, to run free. Unencumbered by morality or remorse, Shelly finds the perfect subject in Adam. A borderline psychotic born into a world of neglect and crime. Delving into the deepest pits of his subconscious, Shelly surfaces with far more than she bargained for.

Detective Hopper, responsible for Adam’s capture, remains a broken man. After suffering a breakdown due to the escalation of his own violent behavior, he is placed under the care of Dr Shelly. Encouraging him to go looking for his own redemption, Hopper becomes a pawn in her web of deception until the lines of reality are redrawn as Hopper and Adam come full circle to an explosive end.

Id: A Novel is a unique, brilliant, psychological thriller which questions and shines light on the depths of the human psyche, the concept of free will, nature or nurture and what drives unacceptable, depraved and even murderous human behaviors. A must-read for fans of psychological thrillers who crave a new, fascinating and intelligent reading experience. Spark’s intricate exploration of the human psyche, combined with his skillful storytelling and innovative ideas, make this novel a true gem that will leave readers questioning the depths of human nature.

Genre: Horror