I Will Change the World ... One Intestine at a Time

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I Will Change the World … One Intestine at a Time by Douglas J. Ogurek

I Will Change the World ... One Intestine at a Time

Organs, excretions, and severed limbs play a bleeding role in Douglas J. Ogurek’s inaugural collection. These unabashedly over-the-top stories merge horror and bizarro elements while remaining true to the unsplatterpunk subgenre’s focus on a positive message.

Children inflict excruciating injuries on their eager parents. The two most revered distracters face off in a bowling match. The Ultraviolent Steroids League’s only female player pitches against the misogynistic brute responsible for her missing eye. Young men race to ejaculate while watching fictitious torture and murder scenes. A narcissistic businessman gets initiated into a secret society with a gruesome hobby. The Loch Ness Monster comes out of hiding in a ferocious display while a seductive woman convinces a corporate executive to desecrate his own body. A dolt gains intelligence and self-confidence when he discovers secret messages in his feces. Two Cliché Assassins, Inc. employees go on a dangerous and cliché-ridden mission.

As you peel and squelch your way through these vile contents, be prepared to lose your lunch and learn a lesson . . . one intestine at a time.

Deal End Date: 2023-05-27