Growlers Moroi


Growlers Moroi by John Black

Growlers Moroi

A regular family. A blackout. Silence. Growling. Silence…

When their relaxing family vacation is interrupted by a blackout, Andrei and Lili hope it is just a blip and power will soon be restored. But they, their seven-year-old son and Lili’s parents soon realize that the blackout was just the beginning.

Every decision, every move, could mean a terrible death as the family is hunted by growling creatures and packs of feral dogs.

Are Andrei and his family the only ones left alive? Why do they seem to be immune? What makes these abominations tick? Can the family escape the nightmare?

Growlers Moroi can be read as a standalone. A chilling story that will keep you breathless until the last page.
‘Growlers is different in several ways from the average zombie apocalypse story. First, it’s set in the Balkans, second, there are no preppers involved and third, there are no military experts and only one pistol!’ – Amazon US Review

‘What made it for me was the characters. I loved the family dynamic, the banter between the husband and wife and the love between the grandparents. If the world was ending, I’d want someone like Dan on my side. He’s a legend.’ – Iseult Murphy, Author of 7 Days in Hell

‘I really enjoyed this book as it had a mixture of comedy, seriousness and emotion. I did not put down my kindle until I had finished reading it.’ – Amazon UK Reviewer

‘There is an emphasis on suspense and the fear experienced by the characters.’ – Amazon US Reviewer

‘I am loving the book! Almost done with the first one, definitely going to read the others. The author did an amazing job focusing on the family in the book, and I also love the twists and turns. It’s totally unique in many ways, ways that I’ve not seen in similar books.’ – Amazon US Reviewer

‘I liked the different take on not only the zombies but also the main characters. They are ordinary people who actually stay that way. Their quirks and weaknesses both hinder and help.’ – Amazon US Review

Growlers Moroi is an apocalypse thriller set in Eastern Europe. It follows a regular family as they struggle to survive after an unknown disease quickly paralyzes everything, including power supply, transportation and communication lines.

Genre: Horror