God Hide Me

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God, Hide Me by Ashleen Reaper

God Hide Me


Hannah is a mother, so she does it all. On days she can’t, she’s got SpaghettiOs. With her husband working overnight shifts, it takes all she can do for Hannah to carry her family. Still, she endures with a smile until their first night in the new house, the night of the dream. She was alone in a dark wheat field assaulted by a scream, a scream so loud she had to cover her ears.

She’s taught her boys not to be afraid of the dark, but she herself won’t even look out the window at the plastic toy owl on the patio. She hides herself at night but like a spreading cancer, the torment invades all aspects of her picket fence life. More and more she shrouds herself wherever she goes, and more and more it’s like she’s not even there. When her neighbor suffers a mysterious death, her anxiety reaches a tipping point, and she decides it’s time to seek help. But Hannah’s friends don’t listen; her pastor’s words offer no comfort; and worst of all, her prayers go unanswered. She looks elsewhere and puts her trust in a gun. The weapon is her refuge, strength, and salvation but that cold steel in her nightstand is ultimately neither comfort nor savior. She continues to hide and continues to be lost.

Hannah fully retracts her influence on those around her, giving up on God and herself. Only, God hasn’t given up on her. Instead, He reveals to her how much of a difference she is capable of making in people’s lives, and he gives her the strength when she needs it most to finally stand up to her fear.

Genre: Horror
Deal End Date: 2023-07-26