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FROM AWAY by Deke Mackey Jr.


Dawn Lesguettes has always wanted to know where she’s from.

So, when work forces her father to reluctantly return to his remote North-Atlantic island birthplace, Dawn insists on tagging along, hoping to reconnect with the broken family he’d abandoned so long ago.

But Mossley Island is not welcoming to those from away, and investigating her unusual family origins will soon lead Dawn to uncover chilling secrets best left buried, even as her arrival heralds the return of a darkness long thought vanquished.

Because for fifty years, an arcane and eldritch horror has waited in the cold, black waters surrounding the island. Fading into half-forgotten myth as those who defended against its last invasion slowly succumb to age, leaving the island in the hands of disbelievers. All but unprotected as the ancient evil prepares to mount a new attack.

Featuring creepy nuns with mysterious motives, a sinister cabal of strangely robust senior citizens, and lighthouse keepers watching the ocean for unspeakable terrors rising from the depths, the first suspenseful episode in this eerie seven-part serial will draw readers in with atmospheric tension and surprising twists, refusing to let go as it hurtles towards a startling cliffhanger conclusion sure to leave everyone desperate for the next gripping chapter.


Q – How did you come to write FROM AWAY?

A – While living on an island off the east coast of Canada, I was surprised to discover many islanders had opposed the construction of an 8 mile fixed-link bridge intended to connect them to the mainland. I wondered: Why would anyone object to easier access to the rest of the world? What rationale might explain fighting to keep themselves isolated? From Away is the answer I came up with.

Q – But is it fair to say that at its core, this is the story of a family?

A – Absolutely. The catalyst is the homecoming of an estranged and wayward son whose teenage daughter is anxious to meet her kin. As she uncovers a hidden family history, her father is forced to deal with unhappy siblings who blame him for their troubles, because he left the island rather than dedicating himself to the family business as everyone expected. Of course, the family business is protecting the island against the onslaught of monsters from the darkest depths of the ocean.

Q – The series is subtitled: A Serial Thriller of Arcane and Eldritch Horror. Can you unpack that phrase?

A – The arcane and eldritch horror refers to something weird and sinister operating beneath the surface. Unthinkable occult mysteries crawling out of the dark places to threaten sanity itself.


As a serial thriller, FROM AWAY is a suspenseful continuing story told over seven parts. It’s important to know upfront that individually these books don’t necessarily wrap up fully-explained with happy endings, but instead feature unfolding mysteries and climax in cliffhangers which leave our characters in jeopardy with their fates uncertain.

Q – Why a serial?

A – Cliffhangers, man! Being left on the edge of your seat, desperate for the next chapter… I love that feeling! Serialized storytelling is fantastic, in that it allows a large and complex narrative to be doled out in smaller, more easily-digestible segments. It’s the best of both worlds.


And make no mistake, FROM AWAY is far more than just a novel chopped up into smaller pieces: It is truly serialized. Each episode is a complete novella – between 40,000 and 55,000 words – culminating in multiple cliffhangers and leaving readers desperate to dive into the next installment.

Q – What kind of readers should try this series?

A – Fans of weird fiction and horror suspense who worry about dark conspiracies involving secret societies and the occult. Readers looking for creepy scares and a general atmosphere of dread which may well culminate in utter madness.


Oh, and folks who like tentacles. Fishmen and tentacles.

Genre: Horror
Deal End Date: 2023-03-23